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Our Annual Family Pilgrimage  bags are the amazing, natural way of cleaning the air, eliminating all types of odors and toxins including human body odor, pet, food, and household odors. Use them anywhere you want to get rid of airborne odors.  Activated charcoal is odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic.
Our Annual Family Pilgrimage  are a safe, ALL NATURAL, and an environmentally friendly way to eliminate odors and impurities, pulling the odor-causing impurities and toxins out of the air, absorbed by the millions of tiny holes or pores in the activated charcoal and capturing them, leaving the air fresh and clean.
Our Annual Family Pilgrimage  work great in any area - closets, pet areas, lockers, gym bags, coolers, near garbage, diaper pails, in your car or office. Use it by litter boxes, in the fridge, or any dry enclosed space with limited or no ventilation. Use them in ventilated areas and ducts to clean re-circulated air.
  • 100% natural cotton fiber bags
  • 100% natural activated charcoal
  • Up to a 100 times more effective than Baking Soda
No more sprays, oils and messy powders to mask odors... clean them safely and naturally with  Our Annual Family Pilgrimage


Recommended replacement

Depending on the size of the area you are using NOdorz, the bags can be changed with the seasons, or every 3 months for maximum effectiveness.

Disposal of used NOdorz bags: throw the old bag away and replace with a fresh one. NOdorz bags may be disposed of by adding to  composts or to fertilize in gardens simply open the bag and pour the carbon granules to mix in with the soil.

Usage Area:  A single bag is most effective when used in a recommended confined area of 4'x6'. For larger areas use multiple bags. Place the bags as close to odor source as possible, keeping away from direct heat and moisture.

Caution:  NOdorz air deodorizer bags are not a toy.  Keep out of reach of children and away from pets.  Contains small parts - can cause choking.



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